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Picture of front of Bower Hill Community ChurchWelcome to Bower Hill Community Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). At Bower Hill Community Church we have been serving, supporting and challenging our members for over 60 years. We are located on Moffett Street in MT. Lebanon, PA and we welcome you to join us in worship and service.

Bower Hill is a community of individuals who believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ and the promise of God's unconditional love. We bring our personal beliefs and concerns together and work to understand God's presence in the modern world. At Bower Hill our purpose is to connect individuals to God, one another and the world.

We look inward to grow as individuals and to pass along God's message to our children and those close to us. We look outward and see the injustice, conflict and hatred in the world and look to God's Son to help us be a part of the solutions.

We don't always agree with each other on issues or answers. We embrace our diversity and together we face these issues and support each other as we look for what God asks of us.

If you are seeking spiritual growth in an increasingly complex world, you will find a home at Bower Hill Community Church. Please look around our website to learn more about our people and our mission. Join us for worship and learn how you can become involved in our mission.

Welcome Letter

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Bower Hill Community Church!

Every life has its own unique story with its own cast of characters, its own colorful backdrops, its own unique hopes, and joys, and boredoms. Our private stories are forever evolving and making us into the people we are. Churches have unique stories, too. For the past 60 years, the story of Bower Hill Church has been shaped by a "hands-on" kind of faith. We have never shied away from those sometimes-troubled issues where religious conviction and contemporary life intersect. In the 1950s, we housed the first Jewish synagogue in the South Hills. In the 1960s, we were among a very few churches in the Pittsburgh area to support the Civil Rights Movement. In the 1970s, we hired the second female pastor ever to be ordained by Pittsburgh Presbytery. That story of relevant, socially-conscious faith continues still today. Whether we're supplying fresh produce to downtown women's shelter or sending school supplies to orphans in Kenya, we believe that "faith without action is dead." (James 2:20)

The Bower Hill story also tells of a firm commitment to personal growth and discovery. We encourage people to explore their own beliefs and their own unique callings in life. Here in Mt. Lebanon, Bower Hill Church is known as a community of spiritual seekers. We don't claim to have all the answers about God and life. And yet, we remain grounded in our Presbyterian tradition and guided by the stories of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. In our own lives, we've discovered an approach to God through the life and teachings of Jesus. Ours is simply the task of equipping people for a life of joyful service, discovering for themselves what it means to have an encounter with God through Christ.

Our life together is a calling and a gift, nothing more. You don't have to dress in any particular way to be a part of our church. You don't have to think in any particular way. You don't have to believe in any particular way. You are welcomed as you are, who you are. We offer a full array of educational opportunities, social events, and service projects for people of every age. All of our activities center around the weekly celebration of worship, in which our relationships with each other are nurtured, our spirits are nourished for another week, and we are reminded that there's more to life--more to ourselves!--than the daily grind.

You have a story, too. At times our stories are joyful, at other times monotonous, or even touched with sorrow or fear, but always filled with traces of God's presence. We tend to share our stories in bits and pieces here at Bower Hill Church, as our relationships gradually deepen. We invite you to come and take part in that conversation. Together, our combined stories make up a bigger story, and that bigger story can make a difference in your life and in our world.

In Christ's Peace,

~Rev. Brian Snyder

What Makes Us Different

We have many of the common strengths of most churches such as a strong worship service, programs for adult and children, etc. Listed below are some of the key strengths of Bower Hill that you may find that differentiates us from other churches.



  • Building Community - We look for ways to reach out to the community.
    • Promote the use of facilities by various community groups - DART, Boy Scout and Girl Scout, Mayfair on Moffett, Compassionate Friends, etc.
    • Participate in local mission - Faith in Action (On Sunday once a year we "skip" church and work Saturday and Sunday on various community projects, Produce to People (food distribution), etc.
    • Offer Adult Ed Programs on Sundays on various topics
    • Provide Music Concert Series - Last year this included us hosting an internationally known boys choir
  • Acceptance - We are open to new ideas and differences are welcomed. We don't always agree but we encourage and accept each persons right to express their thoughts.
  • Reason - We encourage the use of intellect to question, explore and grow in our understanding.



  • Bower Hill is a congregation where people are encouraged to say what they believe and to respect the beliefs of others.
  • Bower Hill is a church where the Bible is read, taught, and the Word proclaimed with scholarship, historical understanding, and authentic theological perspective.
  • Bower Hill is a church that is committed to mission, (world, national and local) and that cultivates opportunities for members to become directly involved in many forms of service to humanity.
  • Bower Hill Church strives to bring contemporary issues and concerns into its congregational life and to bring Christ's message of love, service and compassion to its communities.
  • Bower Hill Church takes seriously its commitment to be a community church by making our facilities available to the community organizations.



Bower Hill Community Church. Growing together in faith, reason, service and love.




We, the Bower Hill Community Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), believe that Jesus Christ has called us to become servants of God; to proclaim God's message of love, reconciliation and service; and to actively reach out to our neighbors and the world in God's name.

We belong to a diverse family of believers who share their joys and provide support to one another in difficult times.

We express our faith and hope in Jesus Christ through worship, Christian education, outreach and fellowship.


The history of Bower Hill Community Church mirrors the developments and struggles of the past 60 years. Started during the suburban boom of the 1950's, Bower Hill grew along with the neighborhoods it served. And as the community and the congregation grew we became a family of believers. During the turbulent times of the 1960's and 70's, we were not afraid to face the issues of civil rights, the war in Vietnam or the challenges facing our youth. And as these issues divided our nation, so it divided our congregation. But we faced them as a family and sought answers in how we could put Christ's teachings into practice in a conflicted and confusing world.

In facing these issues head on, some would say this represented a "liberal" outlook. But our charge has never been merely to focus on ourselves. God calls on us to be a part of this diverse world and bring His message to others. Today we face many of the same problems as we did in the past. We struggle with the differences that separate people and our children face an uncertain future.

Now more than ever we need the guidance of our Lord, Jesus Christ; to establish peace and justice and compassion for all. Our history compels us to face the future with faith, courage and hope. At Bower Hill Community Church, you are welcome to be a part of our journey.

Staff Listing

Rev. Brian Snyder

Job Title - Pastor
Email - br@bhccml.com
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Rev. Brian Snyder

Rev. Dr. Betty Sykes

Job Title - Company of Pastors
Email - None
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Rev. Dr. Betty Sykes

Rev. Tami Hooker

Job Title - Company of Pastors
Email -
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Rev. Tami Hooker

Rev. Calvin C. Wilson

Job Title - Company of Pastors
Email -
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Rev. Calvin C. Wilson

Rev. John Yohe

Job Title - Company of Pastors
Email -
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Rev. John Yohe

Anne Caper Smith

Job Title - Music Director
Email - an@bhccml.com
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Anne Caper Smith

Jim Askins

Job Title - Custodian
Email - None
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Jim Askins

Marla Kemmler

Job Title - Directory of Christian Education & Youth Programs
Email - ma@bhccml.com
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Marla Kemmler

Karen Reynolds

Job Title - Secretary
Email - office@bhccml.com
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Karen Reynolds

Dianne Scott

Job Title - Financial Secretary
Email - di@bhccml.com
Phone - 412-561-4114

Read more about Dianne Scott



70 Moffett Street
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15243
(412) 561-4114

Interactive Google Map Floor Plan - Upper Level Floor Plan - Lower Level

From Downtown: From the South:
Take the FT PITT BRIDGE through the FT PITT TUNNEL. Take I-79 N toward PITTSBURGH.
Take the US-19 S/BANKSVILLE ROAD exit number 5A. Take the PA-50 exit- exit number 54- toward BRIDGEVILLE.
Merge RIGHT onto US-19/BEVERLY RD.. Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp.
Turn LEFT onto COCHRAN RD/PA-121/YELLOW. Merge LEFT onto PA-50.
Turn RIGHT onto MOFFETT ST. Continue to follow BOWER HILL RD.
Bower Hill Church is on the RIGHT Turn LEFT onto MOFFETT ST.
  Bower Hill Church is on the RIGHT