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The following are common questions or activities for which members or non members want to contact people at Bower Hill. When contacting the office, please use voice mail to leave messages after office hours. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

If you want to leave contact a staff person visit the Staff Tab on About Us for phone numbers and email addresses.

If you want to leave a general email for the office or webmaster use Office Email.

How to Contact Phone
Schedule a room for a meeting Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Publish an item in the bulletin or newsletter Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Publish an item in external media

 Publicity Forms for External Media

Theresa Child See member directory for phone number
Schedule a wedding Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Schedule a baptism Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Become a member of Bower Hill Brian Snyder 412-561-4114
Schedule an appointment with a minister Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Make a prayer request Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Request hospital visitation Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Make funeral arrangements Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Check on pledge status Dianne Scott 412-561-4114
Arrange for memorial or special gift Emily Kerr 412-561-4114
Inquire about adult spiritual development Betsy Hohlfelder, Dave Green See member directory for phone number
Inquire about children programs Betsy Hohlfelder 412-561-4114
Inquire about youth group programs Richard Salvante 412-561-4114
Inquire about music programs Jessica Baier 412-561-4114