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The members of this elected board are the structured expression of care to the members of the church family. They meet the 3rd Monday at 7:00 pm in the Lounge.

Deacon Members

2014 2015 2016
Deborah BoisvertLinda Johnson Nancy Criswell
Nancy Geis Kate Junker Maggie DeLair
Doris Olinger Nancy Salvante Darenda Lease
Josie Sheldon Joan Zakor Ann Mitchell


Deacon Ministry Assignments

Ministry/Office Members
Borrowing Medical Aids All
Feed My Sheep Debbie Boisvert, Josie Sheldon
Member Care All
Ministry at Time of Death Linda Johnson, Kate Junker, Doris Olinger
Sunday Flowers Darenda Lease and Ann Mitchell
Special Flowers Nancy Salvante and Margaret DeLair
Welcome Baby Gifts Nancy Geis
Moderator Doris Olinger
Secretary Joan Zakor
Nominating Committee Darenda Lease


Ministry Descriptions

Borrowing Medical Aids
If you or a member of your family can use one or more of our medical equipment, please contact a deacon to make arrangements to borrow the item. Logon on to the Members section to see what's available.

Feed My Sheep
Provide a monthly ministry of food to members as an expression of care/concern. Usually dinners are delivered. Sometimes breakfast baskets or breadbaskets are delivered to those who do not need dinner.

Member Care
Contact members in need, through visits, phone calls and meal deliveries.

Ministry at the Time of Death
Provide receptions after memorial services.

Sunday Flowers
Schedule donors for the Sunday flowers, place the orders with the florist and arrange for a Deacon to deliver them each week.

Special Flowers
Handle the ordering and sanctuary arrangement of the Easter flowers, Pentecost geraniums and Christmas poinsettias.

Welcome Baby
Buy a present when a member has a baby.