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Library Catalog Search

The following allows you to search the publications available in our library. Publications are listed in alphabetical order by Title.

  - For a complete listing, do not fill in any search terms and click on the Search button.    

- For a specific publication, fill in only one of the search parameters at a time and then click on the Search button. Since the number of publications is under 1500, most of the time you can key in one search parameter and get a reasonable number of results.
- Search by Title - If you are looking for bible stories, enter bible stories in the Title field. If the word bible and the word stories appears anywhere in the title of any of the publications in our database, those books will be displayed. If your search does not produce the result(s) you are looking for, clear the Title field and try entering just the word bible or just the word stories in the Key Words field and click on the Search button.
- Search by Key Words - Same as for title
- Search by Author - Typically, search for the last name.

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Tips for using the BHCC Library

  • If you are looking for a specific book by an author, title or subject, go to the BHCC home page from your home computer. At the bottom of the home page, click on the Serving the Community menu category, then from drop down list click on Library Catalog.
  • The search screen that appears allows you to enter the information that you know, i.e. title of the book, the author or keyword. Fill in one of these boxes and hit Enter.
  • Then click on Search Our Library.
  • A list of book titles should appear if you enter a keyword, i.e. prayer.
  • If you enter a specific title or author, an alphabetical list should appear, with the title or author included. If it does not, it usually means we do not have it in the library.
  • The Catalog number listed for each book is the key to finding the book on the shelf. Write down the number and the next time you are at the church, look for the book.
  • To sign out a book, just leave the book card in the basket near the door. Please leave the book near the basket when you return it.
  • Any questions, assistance or suggestions, call Carolyn Westerhoff at 412-921-9008.