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Hunger Inter National Efforts


HUNGER - National and International Programs

Links Description

Bread for the World

An organization seeking justice and ending hunger.

World Vision

Building a better world for children.

One - The campaign to end poverty

Devoted to ending poverty internationally.

World Food Day

World Food Day, October 16th, is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed,  year-around action to alleviate hunger.

Hunger Awareness Day

Information on hunger awareness day.

Hunger Task Force

They are a private, non-profit community organization that exists to prevent and alleviate hunger. We accomplish this mission by providing free food to those in need, supporting hunger-relief organizations, and by promoting sound social policy.

Oxfam America

Oxfam America is a non-profit organization that works to end global poverty through saving lives, strengthening communities, and campaigning for change.

Fight Hunger

Devoted to ending child hunger.

Action Against Hunger

They deliver programs in over 40 countries, specializing in emergency situations of war, conflict, and natural disasters and longer-term assistance to people in distress.

The Hunger Site

Some information, they donate money base on sponsors ads.

Hunger in America

Studies and facts on hunger in America.

Second Harvest

They distribute food and grocery products through a nationwide certified member network, increase public awareness of domestic hunger and advocate for public policies that benefit America’s hungry.

Alternative Gifts

Give a donation in the name of a person who what to give a gift. These gifts make a difference in third world countries.