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Transportation can be difficult issue for seniors. There are options available but some require advanced planning. You may want to check with your church to see if any assistance is available. We have tried to categorize specific services in other topics in our web site but these are resources that offer a wide variety of services or information for seniors.
Topic Resource Description
Overview of Services Provided in Allegheny County Agency on Aging Service Overview

Allegheny County 
Department of Human Services 
Area Agency on Aging 

441 Smithfield Street 
Second Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2219 

SeniorLine: (412) 350-5460 
Toll Free: (800) 344-4319 
Fax: (412) 350-3091 
TDD/TTY: (412) 350-2727
Business Office: (412) 350-4234 
Email SeniorLine at

Assessments of Needs and Support Services

The central point of contact for aging related services is the SeniorLine. Services are provided by professional care managers who can assist with information and referral on ACAAA services and community programs. If needed, they will complete an intake to begin the process of applying for ACAAA home and community based services. In addition, they may also provide assistance with applications to entitlement programs such as: Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (PACE), Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Property Tax assistance programs, Rental Rebate. For information or to locate services, call the SeniorLine (412) 350-5460.

When an individual applies for ACAAA home and community based services, an assessment is completed in their home or place of residence. The assessment is done to determine the older adult’s needs and the most appropriate and effective means of meeting those needs. The various services that may be available include in-home community based care, medical assistance for nursing facility placement, or nursing home alternatives.

Care Management
The AAA assigns a care manager who works together with the older adult and their family to address their needs. A Care Plan is developed and put into place in response to the needs identified by the assessment. The care manager coordinates the necessary services, including adult day service, home-delivered meals, personal care, chore service, home health, home companions, and respite care.

The range of services may include:
Adult Day Services
Home Delivered Meals
Personal Care
Home Health
Respite Care
Chore Service
Senior Companions
Caregiver Support
Senior Community Centers
Nursing Home Alternatives
Adult Foster Care
Protection from Abuse and Neglect
Advocacy for Long Term Care Consumers
Senior Training and Employment

Senior Services Listings Senior Citizens Guide Directory of many services - not a government agency. Not inclusive. Organizations must request to be listed.
  UPMC Institute on Aging Excellent information on diseases, services. Keep in mind many of the services only list UPMC facilities.