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Mission - 2007 SHIM - Back to School

The annual SHIM Back-to-School event was held on Friday, August 3rd. It is such an important and wonderful event! Imagine not being able to afford to send your kids to school with the supplies that they need. How wonderful that parents who might have faced this dilemma do not need to worry because of the generosity of SHIM and partner churches like Bower Hill.

Many thanks to the generous members of our congregation who contributed to the calculator drive for the upcoming SHIM Back to School event. Five calculators were purchased and brought to the church office and $1050 in donations was received. In total we were able to donate 47 calculators to SHIM, including 11 TI 83+ graphing calculators that retail for $100 each! These are particularly difficult for SHIM families to afford, but are important for use in upper High School classes. Once again thank you for coming through in such a wonderful way!

We had many volunteers to help run games, guide kids through the school supplies, scoop sno-cones and make a craft.

Setting up games

Setting up games

Students selecting school supplies

Students selecting school supplies

Back to school haircuts

Enjoying snowcones

Let the games begin

Animal balloons

More haircuts

Jedi knight equipped with light sabers

Face painting

Balloon and snowcone

Waiting for balloons

Ready for school with backpack filled with supplies

He's keeping an eye on you

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