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Mission - 2008 Betsy Hohlfelder's Africa Trip

Betsy took advantage of the Bower Hill's Margaret McKee Fund to help fund her mission trip to Africa. The main purpose was to strengthen the bond with the person she had been mentoring the last few years. She has been mentoring an orphaned African boy named Lucky through a program called Infinite Family. The program utilizes the internet to mentor via emails and webcam interaction. More information about the Infinite Family program is available in our Mission web pages.

The kids wearing their new knit hats and scarves that were donated by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Barbara and Betsy with some of the younger children at Nkosi's Haven

Lucky and Kea with our safari driver, Jeffrey and spotter

On safari - Barbara Draimin and her Net Buddy, Kea, and in the back Betsy and her Net Buddy, Lucky

Near camp just outside of Kruger National Park in South Africa, at lookout called Pinnacle

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