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Mission - 2009 Stock the Food Pantry Concert

On April 4, 2009, we held a Stock The Food Pantry Concert in Fellowship Hall. We combined the raising money for mission with a social event. We raised over $600 and collected 125 food items for local food pantries. Singer / Song Writer, Jay Hitt, provided the music. The function also served as a book release party for Theresa's book "Tracy Loves Ray" which is based on one of Jay's songs with the same name. At intermission Jay and Theresa signed CDs and books. A portion of the CD and book sales when to the food bank.

Enjoying the dessert prepared by members

Jay Hitt performing

Food collection and dessert table

Finding some scrumptous desserts during the concert

Theresa Child with her book "Tracy Loves Ray"

Jay performing

Members enjoying the coffee house setting and the concert

Theresa discussing the creation of her book

Crowd as viewed from stage

Betsy, Mary and Alan at intermission

Jay and Theresa signing CD for Steve and book for Sandy

Norma and Pete getting their book signed

Andrew, Laurie, Steve and Gordon at intermission

Theresa, Jay and LuAnn

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