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Music Director's Monthly Newsletter Message

November 2009 - Music Notes

On All Saints’ Sunday, the music will honor those who have gone before us.  We will sing two of my favorite hymns, “The Strife is O’er,” and “For all the Saints.”  Honoring those who have gone before us helps define who we are and what we are about.  It lets us know that the things we accomplish are the results of team effort, even though many team members have gone on to heaven.  Whatever we will be in the future, it will be built on what we are now.  We have been entrusted with a call and with a heritage (Terry York). 

The Chancel Choir’s anthem is entitled “For the Saints,” written by Jennifer G. Klein and David Angerman.  I think it represents all that we are celebrating on All Saints’ Sunday—celebrating Holy Communion, and celebrating the saints who have gone before us.

For the saints who’ve gone before,

who from their labors rest,

We give thanks to You, O Lord, for lives of faithfulness.

They have found their resting place beside the living stream

Where they gaze upon the face of our Redeemer King.

You, the gentle Shepherd, hold each within Your care,

And the saints all feast at the table You prepare.


We remember those who died, who now before Your throne

Kneel to You, our loving guide,

whose grace has called them home.

We in sorrow yearn for those we loved who now are gone.

Fill us with Your sweet repose until we join as one.

Turn our mourning into song; our grieving, Lord, release.

For we know it won’t be long; we’ll meet the saints in Peace.


We rejoice with saints of old who won the well-fought fight.

Now Your glory they behold, Your kingdom and Your light. Alleluia!!