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Music Director's Monthly Newsletter Message

January 2008 - Music Notes

Music Notes by Jessica Baier

“Each musician must come to experience the dignity, rightness, and eventual joy of putting things aside, of emptying oneself and taking the form of a servant.  Such musicians must be able to move back and forth, gracefully, servingly, willingly, from symphony to folk tune; back and forth without complaint, compromise or snobbery, without the conceit that doing an oratorio is somehow more worthy or more deserving than doing a hymn tune.  All servant musicians must be able to be creative in transit, serving this community and challenging that one; all the while showing grace, power, elegance, and imagination.”

~Harold Best, “Music Through the Eyes of Faith~


I would like to thank all of the people who gave up their time to do special music for the Advent and Christmas season:  Ben Hohlfelder, Jean Miewald, Wendy Mazzini, Carly Lunoe, Emily Stack, George Vosburgh, Lynne Wohleber, Margaret Zabo, Aaron Jones, Rick Jacobs, Brian Hayes, and the members of the Chancel Choir, Handbell Choir, and the King’s Kids Clappers.

I truly appreciate your willingness to give up your time to serve this community by sharing your musical gifts. 


King’s Kids Clappers Wednesdays at 4.30pm

Handbell Choir Thursdays at 6.30pm

Chancel Choir Thursdays at 7.45pm