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Music Director's Monthly Newsletter Message

April 2008 - Music Notes

Music Notes by Jessica Baier

The North Hills Handbell Association presents the Thirty-Second Annual Festival, at Marshall Middle School, April 26, 2008.  Please try to attend the 5.00 pm public concert to support the Bower Hill Handbell Choir.

 Directions from I-79 South: 

Take the Exit 75 (old 23) to Warrendale, Rt. 19.  When you reach Rt. 19, turn right.  Shenot Road will be at the next stoplight.  Turn right onto Shenot Road.  Continue until you come to a stop sign (a T in the road).  It is a about a mile, then turn right on Wexford Run Road.  Go up the hill until you see the sign for Marshall Middle School in the right.  Marshall Middle School is on the left.  The other school is an elementary school. 


Handbell Choir

Thursdays at 6.30pm                       

Chancel Choir

Thursdays at 7.45pm