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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

December 2007

Home to the Table by Rev. Laurie

Do you remember the dinner bell?  My family used to have one mounted outside the front door that they would ring when it was time to come home for dinner.  You could hear the sound throughout the entire neighborhood and even though my sister and I would sometimes drag our feet getting home because we didn’t want to leave our friends, there was always a sense of joy at the sound of the bell.  The bell meant that it was family time because everyone was home and it was time to gather at the table to share the news of your day.  The bell meant that a warm meal was waiting to fill you up and help you grow.  The bell meant that it was time once again to gather around a table to be surrounded by those who loved you.  Because of my dinner bell, one of my  favorite songs is by John McCutcheon and it is called, “Calling All the Children Home.”  It tells about coming home to the table:

Where everybody’s got enough, though we ain’t got a lot.

Where no one is forgotten and no one is alone,

when she’s calling all the children home.

     So many of my memories as a child are of coming home to the table, maybe that’s why I am always moved by the sight of the communion table when I walk into the sanctuary.  A table is a symbol of home, a symbol of family, a symbol of community.  So much of our time is spent around tables.  So many memories are centered around joining together in fellowship with family and friends at a table.  Gathering around the table is like coming home.  At the table we are family.  At the table we are sisters and brothers, loved and accepted, welcomed and cared for.  At the table we envision and strengthen our family as we live out our calling to be in communion with one another.

     During the time between Advent and Epiphany, we will be spending a great deal of time around tables together.  We will come together around the table to celebrate communion in worship.  Because the celebration of communion is so symbolic of our call to be a community, we will celebrate communion twice in December on the 2nd  and 23rd.  We will come together around tables in fellowship for a potluck dinner on December 2nd.  We will come together around tables as we serve together by preparing gift bags for the Washington City Mission.  We will come together around tables for Christmas Dinner with family and friends.  We will come together around tables at the Washington City Mission to show these often forgotten folks that they are loved by God and remembered by the family of Bower Hill Community Church.  We will come together around tables for an Epiphany worship celebration and feast.  This Epiphany feast will take place during worship at 10:00 am and will be held in the Fellowship Hall.  We will worship together and share a meal around tables at this family celebration which will include the sharing of the King’s cake and the procession of the Magi.  As we come home to the table, so many times in the weeks ahead, we will have the opportunity to strengthen our community and to assure one another that no one is forgotten and no one is alone, for we are all loved and accepted and joined together as a family in Christ!  May we all envision and work to create a stronger community in the days and weeks ahead as we worship and serve together and as we live out our call to love one another!