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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

January 2008

Into the Unknown by Rev. Laurie

 Every January, I think about how fitting it is to consider the story of the Magi again.  I am always struck by the sheer faith, hope and curiosity that led them forward into the unknown.  One of my favorite Christmas songs is: “I Wonder as I Wander,” and while the lyrics have nothing to do with the Magi, the chorus always makes me think about them and their wandering.  There is so much to wonder about them and their journey!   I wonder about what they hoped to find.  I wonder about what compelled them to journey so far away with their destination unclear.  I wonder about the doubts and crisis of faith that they may have had on nights when they could not see the star.  I wonder about how long their journey took and I wonder what they thought when they finally saw the baby.  There is so much to wonder about their journey.  This story, in so many ways, captures the questions and considerations that we face at the beginning of another year.   So much is unknown as we begin our journey into 2008.  Unlike the Magi, our journey is necessary and we have no choice about going forward into the unknown of this new beginning.  

     We have our own things to wonder about.  As we stand on the edge of one year and stargaze into the next, we are led to wonder what will 2008 bring to our lives, to our church, to the world?  How will we grow as a community together?  How will we show our love for one another and for the world?  What new mission experiences will we join in together?  We already know that we have the beginning of small group ministry to look forward to in 2008.  Just after Easter, one of our MAT teams will be starting a new experiment called Faith in Action which will lead us to consider how we are called to “be the church!”  For four weeks we will worship and study together and strengthen our bonds with one another and our understanding of what it means to be the church together!  It is indeed something to wonder about and anticipate with great joy! 

     In addition to these two wonderful experiences, the Session will continue to pray about how to lead the church forward into the future.  In the days ahead, the Session will also explore the Advent Experiment of worshiping together at one service we will continue to consider how we are called to live out our core value of community.  Please be in prayer for us and with us in this time of visioning. What else will 2008 hold for Bower Hill, we’ll just have to wait and see as we wonder as we wander toward 2008.  As we travel on our journey, let us grasp on to hope and let us strive to have faith in the God who is journeying with us and guiding us into the unknown, even if there is no blazing star to light the way!