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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

March 2008

...a dream     Rev. Laurie & rev. leonard


    We have been developing a vision.  Or maybe...a dream.  It’s not a lofty, change the world kind of dream, but it is a powerful dream.  It is a dream about Bower Hill living out its call to community.  Believe it or not, this dream began to rev up because of cars.  Yes, cars.  A few weeks ago, our boys were handed 2 little black boxes that each contained a block of wood, four nails and four little wheels.  The Cub Scout “Pinewood Derby” was upon us.  Confession: we are not the handy with tools type!  With the pleading looks of our children staring us in the face, we considered our options.  If only we knew someone who was handy who would be willing to   help?  We longed for a family member close by who could help us to transform this block of wood into a car.  Then we realized, we did have a family member to turn to.  A family member, connected to us not by blood, but by faith.  A member of Bower Hill, who was a brother in Christ, lovingly helped our two boys to cut and sand their derby cars.  It was a gift to them and to us that reminded us of what it means to be a part of a community of faith.

     We began to imagine the possibilities that exist within such a talented community of faith for each of us to help and serve one another by sharing our gifts, which leads to the second car story!  A member of the church stopped by to share an idea he had for “car recycling.”  This particular member has the knowledge and skills to oversee the disassembling of cars and he knows where the pieces can be taken to recycle them.  It is a gift of teaching that he is willing to share with any kids (or even adults), and we are trying to work out the logistics of making this project happen.

     Imagine that whatever problem you face, whatever obstacle you encounter, having not only God on your side, but also a loving sister or brother in Christ to turn to.  While we were serving churches in Washington State, there was a discussion going on at one of our churches about grandparents.  The community was transient, due to the military base in town and there were many young families that were separated from their relatives.  Their children did not have the privilege of spending regular time with their grandparents.  The church responded to this need with an “adopt a grandchild” program where children were paired with willing grandparents who spent time with them.  They began by reading in the library after church and the program quickly expanded as the children and grandparents grew closer to one another. 

     As we take our next step towards claiming our identity as a community church this month by going to one service at 9:30 am on March 16th, we invite you to consider our vision and we invite you to begin to dream with us about how we can indeed live out our call to community!