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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

June 2008

What if? By Rev. Laurie


     In that wonderful old movie, Dead Poet’s Society, Robin Williams plays the role of a teacher who inspires his students to “Seize the Day!” and for some reason, I keep thinking about the power of that call. With the lazy summer days and the promise of vacation approaching, I have been wondering about what those of us who take a break in the summer will be doing with our time.  Will we use do what we have always done and take a much needed break?  Or will we “Seize the Day!” and look for new opportunities to make a difference in the world?  Vacation Bible School and the upcoming Youth Mission Trip will be two wonderful examples of how some will be able to “Seize the Day” and make a difference in the lives of others, but I can’t help thinking, what if each one of us spent some time considering and preparing for the summer by making plans to intentionally make a difference in the few weeks of the summer that we are blessed with?


     What if we looked for opportunities to serve one another in a more intentional way?  What if the church really focused some of its time in the weeks ahead on providing mission and service opportunities when people were just a little less busy?  What if we together and individually committed ourselves to “Seizing the Days” by reaching out in big and little ways to show God’s love and compassion to the world?  Imagine how the world could be changed!  Imagine how we would be changed!  Imagine what a difference we could make together and on our own!


     There are many opportunities to do mission work that we encounter every day!  The Faith in Action experiment reminded us that we don’t have to look very far to encounter God’s detours and to see opportunities to show mercy and to do justice.  Faith in Action also reminded us that even little things can make a big difference, sometimes even more than we can imagine.  What if, each day we seized the opportunity to “do something beautiful for God?” as the song by Brian Sirchio says.  It’s hard to imagine what kind of impact that could have.  I wonder?


     I invite you to wonder with me and to join me in making a commitment to “Seize the Day” and to “Seize the Moments” that we are presented with this summer and let us find opportunities to share our stories with one another of how we are imagining this what if into reality!  May God bless you with and abundance of opportunities to love and serve this summer!



Rev. Laurie