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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

January 2009


As I sit watching the peaceful snow fall out side my window, I wonder at the difference perspective makes.  Inside cosy and warm, the snow is a delightful reminder of beauty and wonder, an invitation to light a fire in the fireplace and join in an afternoon of family gaming.  I know if I were out, as I was just yesterday in the midst of snow and ice, my thoughts would be worry-filled of danger and traffic and palatable anxiety of another crash into a telephone pole.  What a difference perspective makes.  For my children snow is a God-gift calling them to bundle up and beckoning them to rebuild frosty and rush downhill on sleds.  For me, it is an invitation to bundle up with a cup of tea and a good book.  And for others whose names I do not know, snow is the cold enemy that they face living without shelter or warmth.  It depends on perspective.

     The changing of the calendar page is another invitation to wonder about perspective.  We look backward and forward in memory and reflection.  We wonder at where we have been and where we will go.  Will we be daring enough to set goals and dream dreams for what is to come?  Or will we be locked into what once was, lamenting the past that is no more?  I believe that the herald of a new year is a time for more than just resolutions. 

     Perhaps I am in a more reflective place than usual because of all the changes of this past year, but I stumbled across a poem I wrote a few years ago about snowflakes and it made me wonder what would happen if we spent some time as the year changes into  newness, turning our eyes and thoughts to God and wondering about the unique role we can play in this church community and in the world.  How can we partner with God creatively and enthusiastically?  How can we overlap what we are gifted to do, what we love to do and put those two things to use in a place that the world has a need and where God wants us to go?  What if we challenged ourselves to change our perspective to open our eyes to new experiences?  What if we invested ourselves more in the needs of the world?  How would our perspective change.  Something to ponder and reflect upon. 





Gentle wishes

falling to the earth;

calling us to look up,

to notice 

how each lacy pattern

special and unique,

crafted by

the hand of God

is an icy kiss

that lands on your cheek

reminding you of God’s love

for the special, unique

child of God,

you are.



appy New Year…Rev. La

Happy New Year - Rev. Laurie