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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

September 2009

Dear Friends,


We are poised to launch into an era of unprecedented opportunity, a time of unparalleled challenge, and an epoch of evolutionary excellence.  As we prepare for the selection and the arrival of a new pastor—whenever that may be—we prepare as well for the beginning of a new church year, building on the past and more dynamic than the last: featuring a stellar youth program, outstanding opportunities in Christian education (for children, youth, and adults), creative outreach to children in our community, compelling worship services, enriching biblical studies, engaging mission outreach, and abundant occasions for fellowship.  All of this begins on Kick-off Sunday, September 13th with a vibrant guest preacher and speaker: Bart Campolo from Cincinnati, whose sermon at 9:30 a.m. worship is titled Loving Your Neighbor and whose topic at the Adult Education class will be The Story of the Walnut Hills Fellowship.


Bart Campolo is a veteran urban minister and activist who speaks and writes about grace, faith, loving relationships and social justice. Bart is the leader of The Walnut Hills Fellowship, a local ministry in inner city Cincinnati. He is also founder Mission Year, a Christian ministry which recruits committed young adults to live and work among the poor in inner-city neighborhoods across the country, and director of EAPE, which develops and supports innovative, cost-effective mission projects around the world.


Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Bart graduated from Brown University in 1985. From 1986-1989 he worked with young people in South Minneapolis, where he met and married his wife, Marty. In 1989 Bart and Marty moved to West Philadelphia to found Kingdom works, the urban ministry which later became Mission Year, and to begin raising their children, Miranda and Roman, who are now teenagers.

In 2005, after nearly two decades of organizational leadership, the Campolo family moved from Philadelphia to the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, hoping to love their neighbors in a more personal way as part of an inner-city faith community.


 Come join us as we celebrate a New Year on Sunday, September 13th.


Yours in Christ, faithfully and gratefully,

Calvin C. Wilson