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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

June 2007

Rev. Laurie & Rev. Leonard

     Slinging Spaghetti!  I remember learning in home economics that the best way to check to see if spaghetti was done was to sling it against a wall to see if it would stick.  Several years ago, Leonard shared with the session the idea that part of the role of the session was to be like a spaghetti cook...slinging out different experiences at the church to see if they would stick. 

     The image continues to dwell in us as the new leadership of the church takes over and as the MAT teams continue their work with the Surfing the Edge information.  Perhaps the best thing about the image of sticking spaghetti, is that it reminds us of the joy and challenge of trying new things.  It also keeps us from getting overwhelmed when the experiences we try don’t seem to stick.  Too often we can get caught up in our fear of trying new things.   Sometimes our fear can paralyze us.  If we keep thinking about spaghetti and if we keep remembering that there is always another pot we can boil, then perhaps we will be bolstered by the good news that there are always more varieties that can be experimented with.

     With this in mind, we’re going to be trying some new things in the weeks to come.  As Jessica takes over as our Director of Music Ministries, we are going to try worshiping with some different blended songs.  As the first MAT team comes to session with its first experiment, we will be involved some new and exciting discussions. 

     In June and August, we will be offering a new class that explores stories in the Bible, called Love the Story.  As the summer continues, we will spend a great deal of time thinking about the different experiences we might like to try in the months ahead.  It is our belief that our greatest effort at the present time should be put into opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship.  The words of prayer that Jesus speaks near the end John’s gospel have continued to challenge us, “that they may all be one.  As you, Father are in me and I am I you, may they also be in us...The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one.” (John 17:21-22)  As we look to the future together, our efforts will be centered on experiences that help to make us one. We hope you will helps us sling spaghetti by praying for the future of Bower Hill and by offering any ideas.  Let’s sling spaghetti together!