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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

July 2007

Rev. Laurie & Rev. Leonard


            I want to tell you about some promising signs / things here at Bower Hill.  I hope you were as delighted as I was hearing the Surfing the Edge Teams report during worship. 

            Both teams are being drawn to consider how people foster their connection with God.  Even though one team is focused on children and the other on adults I think it is evidence of the in-breaking of the Holy Spirit here at Bower Hill that both teams are struggling with how Bower Hill helps its present and future participants draw close to God.  In this pastor’s view we in the Church business have gotten so good and dependent, on creating and running programs that we have too easily let programming become more of a focus than how we help ourselves and others draw close to God.  So I think S.T.E. is getting to the right things – I just wish it were faster!

            Another promising sign here at Bower Hill was the re-formation of the session.  Each year we reconfigure the leadership of the committees as elders come and go.  As part of that I ask each elder what committee they would like to lead and serve.  This year two elders asked about committees that we don’t have.  A clear sign that we are not frozen in the past and that new thinking is coming to the surface.  Specifically, one elder wondered about a green practices committee and the other elder asked about a committee focused on encouraging spiritual practices.  What good things are happening here at Bower Hill that are allowing these kinds of notions to slip in?

            So I am pleased and heartened that S.T.E. is starting to work and that new and faithful things are bubbling up.  I hope you see good signs as well.