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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

September 2007

God in our midst by Rev. Laurie      


 What is God doing in our midst?  As I have spent time thinking about the special worship celebration that the MAT team has been planning for September 9th, I have wondered about that question.  What is God doing in our midst?  So often we, busy people that we are do not spend a great deal of time noticing or paying attention.  How many times do we almost walk past someone we know or fail to notice the look of pain in someone’s eyes as we frantically go about the business of living our own lives?  And yet, in the midst of us, amazing things, Godly things are happening.  During my week of study leave, I was privileged to spend a week in Washington D.C. on the grounds of the National Cathedral.  This location, of course, offered me the opportunity to worship several times a day. 

     The week in D.C. was an amazing opportunity to slow down and pay attention to what God has been doing in my life and in our church.  Slowing down to pay attention can be such a tremendous gift as it can make us aware of all that we have to celebrate.  It also focuses our attention on things we might otherwise miss.  During my week away, I found myself shaking my head in wonder at the way that God had been active and working all around me.  It was truly awesome to consider.

     In just a few weeks, we will be given a similar opportunity to remember together the many wonderful ways that God has been working at Bower Hill through the people in our community of faith and yes, through each one of us.  During worship, all of us will have the opportunity to share how God has been at work in the midst of Bower Hill Community Church.  At first, that might sound like a daunting question.  How has God been at work in our midst?  One of the joys of our time of worship together will be the building up of collective memories.  We will no doubt find that what one person shares will prompt someone else to remember something that they had not thought of before or had forgotten and before you know it, we will all be overwhelmed by the reality of how active God has been in this place.  I know that as the plans have been shared for the service on the 9th and as I have heard snippets of memories I have been amazed, thinking about all that was going on and it’s so easy to miss or forget when we are not slowing down enough to pay attention.  What has God done in our midst?   I will never forget the “Pounding Party” shortly after our arrival.  The crew who came in to set up, organized with decorations and food so that we could be properly welcomed.  God was in the midst of that outpouring of love.  What has God done in our midst?  I think of the abundance of food that we inspired the community to provide that exceeded every expectation!  God was in the midst of that!  I think of the way that I have seen the members of this congregation surround one another in times of crisis!  God was in the midst of that!  I hope you will begin to remember your own experiences of God in this place and this family of faith.  And may we all anticipate with joy the celebration of God and God’s work around and through us.