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Pastor's Monthly Newsletter Message

July/August 2013

The Ripple Effect:

A Haiti Water Project Update

You never know how one invitation, one discussion with a group of friends or one follow-up phone call can make a difference.


Members and Friends of Bower Hill,

One aspect of the Haiti Water Project that has been enjoyable to witness over the past two years has been the way in which the good news of this ministry has spread to places we could never have imagined.   What started with an idea from our Wednesday morning women’s Koinonia Group has grown into a project that has included support from California to Florida to Virginia.  Like a single raindrop hitting a still pond, the ripples of water from that single point are now expanding and touching more and more people.  Truly God’s hand is at work in all of this.

Most of you may not be aware that our project has received roughly half of its total funding to date from individuals and groups outside of the church.  We have been blessed to receive grants from the Pittsburgh Presbytery and Solar Under the Sun (a ministry of the Synod of the Sun representing all Presbyteries in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas).  Through connections at Presbytery, General Assembly and Solar Under the Sun, we have received Vacation Bible School collections from Carnegie Presbyterian Church, as well as churches in Virginia and Florida, and through the assistance of Dave and Susan Hicks and Lucille Heckman, we have received funding from two area Rotary Clubs.  As we look to find ways to complete more installations in Haiti, many of these groups will continue to provide support and valuable contacts.

Another exciting development has been the partnerships we have established on our two installation trips.  At Chaveneau, we worked alongside a group from Lancaster, PA called Hearts United with Haiti led by Crystal Funk.  Crystal was instrumental in helping with the logistics of setting up our work in Chaveneau, and Hearts United contributed money to drill the well as the source of our water and provided a driver and translator during our installation last November.

In April, we partnered with Akeisha Johnson and The Oshun Project for our work in Camp Perin.  While BHCC provided the materials and manpower for the install, the Oshun Project constructed the building in which the water system was placed.

These efforts have saved us $10,000 and allowed our funding to be stretched further, not to mention the invaluable assistance they have provided in coordinating the arrangements that have led to our successful trips.  We have also made new and lasting friends.

Lastly, we have received tremendous support from our families and friends outside of the congregation.  Whether it is from attending fundraising events, buying note cards and scarves, or just providing financial support, we continue to touch many people with our mission in Haiti.  The latest example of this, and one that holds tremendous promise, started when a friend of a friend of one of the travel team members attended the luncheon/fashion show this past March.  At the luncheon, Sharon Matthews, who lives in Greensburg, was so excited by what she heard and saw that she knew she wanted to do more to help.  Sharon’s daughter will be a senior this coming year at Greensburg Central Catholic High School, and she approached the principal about taking the Haiti Water Project on as their senior class project.  The principal was won over and agreed and they are planning monthly fundraisers from now through next May. They are also working with local business partners to match their efforts with a goal of raising $15,000.  Amazing!  If successful, this is a model we could take to many local schools.

You never know how one invitation, one discussion with a group of friends or one follow-up phone call can make a difference.

The Haiti travel team is deeply appreciative of how we have all come together to bring clean water to those in Haiti.  Together, let’s see how we can keep making waves!

Thank You,

The Haiti Water Project Team