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Everything You Need To Know About the Kitchen at BHCC

Bower Hill Community Church has a kitchen equipped to serve coffee hour, small gatherings, pot luck suppers or even a big sit-down dinner.  There is a microwave, a convention oven, gas burners and two regular gas ovens.  There are lots of dishes, glasses, cups, silverware and serving dishes.


Who keeps this all clean and in working order?  First line of command is Jim, our custodian, who sweeps the floors, wipes the counters on a regular basis, and empties the trash cans.  Donna Williams organizes church activities that revolve around food and keeps the coffee hour staples in good supply. 


Then, there is also a group of volunteers that comes in and does more thorough cleaning, checks the refrigerator and freezer and reorganizes equipment that has gotten out of place.  Carolyn Westerhoff and Margaret Zabo oversee this activity as needed. All these people keep the kitchen in good working order but need the help of others as the kitchen is used.

·        Anything stored in the refrigerator is fair game to be used by anyone unless it’s labeled or placed on a specific shelf that is so designated, i.e. Communion. Drinks left from Coffee Hour can be used the following week   Coffee Hour hosts can note in the bulletin who is to serve the following week and contact them to let them know if there are drinks and/or goodies left over. 

·        Always make sure the refrigerator and freezer doors are closed tightly. 

·        Anytime the last spoonful of coffee or tea mix is used, please let someone know so we can obtain a new supply before the next event.  Leave a note in the office and the right person will get the word.

·        If the trash cans are full, please take them to the dumpster that is across the parking lot from the kitchen door.  Jim does a great job of keeping the kitchen clean but isn’t there every day to make sure trash doesn’t cause odors if left too long.

·        Take home any used towels and return them clean to the kitchen the next time you come to church. 

·        Make sure any dishes brought to the event by participants are returned to them.  The collection of odd pieces seems to get bigger and bigger.  Any unknown items can be left on the counter to be claimed by the rightful owner.


The Kitchen and Fellowship Hall are available for use by  individuals, groups or organizations.  Reservations must be made through the church office well in advance of the event, as Session approval is required.