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Bower Hill Is Getting Younger - Baby Sitting Becomes a Need



By Rick Jacobs


On kickoff Sunday, did you notice the crowd of children gathered for the Children’s sermon? I had a good view, sitting in the choir loft, and I counted 26 children!  It made my heart soar and I turned to Pat and said: “There is the future of Bower Hill.” Not so long ago, you could count the kids in worship on one hand.

               These kids bring their parents with all their talents, energy and enthusiasm. They are providing creative music for worship, inaugurating new education classes, energizing Session and its committees, invigorating mission projects, reenergizing parish life and challenging Bower Hill to grow and become more relevant in their lives.  It’s an exciting time in the life of our church, and we need to be very supportive of these new members as they find their way into the life of the church.

               One way we can help is to make sure that there is reliable babysitting during and after worship on Sundays and for church events during the week. We currently have a paid babysitter, Kathy Kroll, who babysits on Sunday during worship and Adult Education. Jessica Baier watches the older children (4-11 years) during the education hour after worship. Sometimes there are illnesses or emergencies, which result in vacancies for this care, and there is a scramble to find volunteers to fill the gap. The Administration & Personnel committee wants to improve this situation.

               The committee will accept responsibility for oversight of the babysitting needs of the church. We will be implementing a procedure to recruit volunteers in advance of the babysitting need. We’re looking for a babysitting coordinator and a list of volunteers who would be available to babysit on Sundays or for church events during the week. The coordinator would use a call list to arrange for volunteer babysitting when the need arises. This should ensure that we have babysitting for all church activities and eliminate the scramble on Sunday mornings.

               If you would like to be on the volunteer list for occasional babysitting on Sunday or during the week, or if you are interested in the coordinator position, please contact the church office, or a member of the A&P committee (Rick Jacobs, Mary Beth Waine, Bill Cadwell, Judy Delestienne, Woody Hughes). We would like to have a dozen volunteers and a couple of coordinators. This is a great way to serve Bower Hill and support our new young families.